It’s Christmas Time

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It’s Christmas time again and to add to the holiday cheer we have picked out some of our favourite books. These colourful Christmas themed books are perfect either to gift or read with your little ones.

Olivia Helps with Christmas, Ian Falconer (Simon and Schuster)

Olivia can’t wait for Christmas to arrive. While waiting for Santa, the whimsical, mischievous and loveable piglet also sets about trying to help her family get ready for Christmas – make sure her father sets up the tree properly, watch her mother cook the Christmas dinner and oversee the way in which the stockings are hung. And all this of course with her characteristic panache!

One Christmas Wish, Katherine Rundell, Illustrated by Emily Sutton (Bloomsbury)

Theo is alone at home with an uninterested babysitter as his parents have to work late on Christmas Eve. When he starts feeling sorry for himself he sees an unusual shooting star in the sky and wishes with all his heart to not be alone. His wish comes true when four Christmas decorations – a tin soldier, a rocking horse, an angel and a robin come alive. He helps each of them find what they need in a sweet adventure across town. This touching story is accompanied by beautiful illustrations by Emily Sutton.

Father Christmas’s Last Present, Marie-Aude Murail and Elvire Murail, Illustrated by Quentin Blake (Penguin)

Julien thinks he might be too old to believe in Father Christmas but when a mysterious present appears under the Christmas tree he is overjoyed. In this short story with striking illustrations by Quentin Blake, Julien adores his beautifully painted red and blue train even more than the expensive video game console his parents get him. There is a bit of suspense at the end when the family wonders whether the present was really meant for Julien and whether it will be taken back?

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Angelina’s Christmas, Katharine Holabird, Illustrated by Helen Craig (Puffin)

Part of the popular Angelina Ballerina series, this book beautifully brings out the magic and spirit of Christmas. It evokes values of kindness, inclusivity and sharing as Angelina goes about making a better Christmas for old Mr Bell, the retired and lonely postman. Warm and welcoming cottages, with bright Christmas lights on a snowy December evening immerse you in the picturesque landscape of Chipping Cheddar.

Eloise at Christmas Time, Kay Thompson, Illustrated by Hilary Knight (Simon and Schuster)

Little Eloise is an energetic little girl who lives at the Plaza Hotel with her dear Nanny, and beloved pet turtle Skipperdee and dog Weenie. It is Christmas Eve, and she has a lot to do from hanging up decorations, to singing carols and crashing every holiday party. She spends considerable time choosing and packing thoughtful presents for all the hotel staff and even for the carriage horse next door! ‘Eloise at Christmas Time’ is written in verse and is quaintly illustrated in black, white and pink.

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Christmas in Exeter Street, Diana Hendry, Illustrated by John Lawrence (Walker Books)

This is a merry tale of kind Mrs Mistletoe in her big house at Exeter Street as it fills up with guests for Christmas. She good-naturedly finds a place for all the visitors in absurd places after the rooms are filled to capacity. It makes for a funny light read as shelves, mantelpieces, bathtubs and even a kitchen sink are converted to warm and cosy beds.

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