Pull Out and Pop-up!

Pull-out and pop-up books have usually been associated with very young children, giving them the extra oomph to keep them engaged. Well, here are some gorgeous pull-out and pop-up books that will capture the imagination of children and adults alike!

A Village is a Busy Place!, Illustrated by Rohima Chitrakar, Text by V. Geetha, Tara Books (Activity book)

Unfold each page like a scroll to uncover striking artwork depicting everyday life in a Santhal village. The bright and bold paintings in the style of the Bengal Patuas is a treat as you lose yourself in the many animals, rituals and musical instruments of the Santhal tribe.

Knock! Knock! , Kaori Takahashi, Tara Books

A little girl comes home and finds her bear missing. There begins a journey, in her building, to find him. The book unfurls higher and higher as she knocks on each apartment door to find beautiful and varying scenes within each door. As mentioned in the blurb, this is stunning ‘book architecture’.

Tiny Box of Awesomeness, Various, Kokaachi

ezgif.com-optimize.gif Does a story always have to be in a book? No, of course not! These tiny stories unfold as miniature pamphlets from a matchbox. They are delightful, colourful and easily accessible for a quirky present. From absurd to wonderful stories about a Kokaachi monster, alien spaceships and a sheepish sun who forgets to wake up, these pithy stories have much to offer.

An Indian Beach – by day and night, Joëlle Jolivet, Tara Books (Activity book)

Indian Beach_2This is a book to slowly explore and savour. Artist Joëlle Jolivet depicts a busy and well-used Indian beach inspired by her time at Elliot’s Beach, Chennai. Each scene is painstakingly etched in lino-cut images to create a stunning panorama of a day and night at the beach. The details with the morning joggers, fishermen, dogs, crows, goats, small domestic scenes in people’s homes and the church are breathtaking. This is a circular book, the insides of which display the diversity of fish. Children (and adults!) can colour-in, spot fish and people.

To the Ocean Deep, Illustrated by Sara Yoon, Produced by Hourglass Press LLC, Laurence King (Colouring Book)

Ocean_1Wouldn’t you like a never-ending colouring book filled with mysterious underwater creatures and oodles of treasure? Opening to an astounding 15 ft, that is exactly what this book is. Start just above the ocean with a little boat bobbing on the waves and follow it down to the ocean floor, on the way discovering sea snakes, pagodas, pyramids, ancient towns, an underwater forest and of course, treasure.

Around the World in 80 Animals, Guy Parker-Rees (Activity Book)

80 Animals_1.jpgGo on an animal safari to know squids, penguins, narwhals, tigers, sloths, tapirs, reindeer and other diverse creatures. Colour the animals, give them imaginative habitats and add-in your own fantastic beasts. As a bonus, you can look for a cheeky little snail in each landscape. Once your artwork is complete, you can cut out the strip and adorn your walls.

Megalopolis and the visitor from outer space, Cléa Dieudonné, Thames and Hudson (Activity and Story Book)

Meander slowly with an alien visitor in the magnificent city of Megalopolis. A sweet story where you discover the city’s many vistas together, from the dormant volcano, to Chinese gardens, the river with the mermaid and a surprise ancient creature at the bottom. While you’re admiring the delicious illustrations you can look for many sights mentioned in the book, including 94 cakes!

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